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I help you build a healthier lifestyle through mindset, nutrition and exercise so that you can become a healthier, happier, and more energetic version of yourself.

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Wellness Coach

The Choice Becomes You!

Wellness coaching can help you live a life bursting with energy and health. 

Wellness can be defined as “an individual’s personal journey toward the mental, physical, social, and emotional betterment of life.”  A wellness coach’s job is to support an individual in the process of making those choices; not only telling someone what to do but helping that person examine their relationship with the choices themselves. 

As your wellness coach, I create a safe environment for you to examine not only your habits but also your relationship to the domains of your lifestyle that affect your wellness.

These include areas of nutrition, sleep, physical movement/ fitness, and recovery practices as well as emotional health, stress management, mindset, and more.   I help you to establish subjective and objective goals related to your wellness and then explore the obstacles and areas of challenge on the pathway to those goals.​

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