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The Gentle Power of becoming more assertive

A strong, confident and self-assured person doesn't have to be a loud bully.
I'm sure that you are happy to hear that right!
Being assertive is not about getting others to do what you want, agree with
you, think or feel the same as you do, or shut up and listen to you!
Assertiveness is something we do within ourselves for ourselves. It’s an
attitude that often expresses itself in words or actions, but it is firstly an
When we understand our own needs, take responsibility for them and have
enough presence of mind to transmit them honestly and respectfully to
others, then we are assertive. If we find ourselves wanting to control or
dominate others, this is not assertiveness at all—in fact, it demonstrates a
special kind of insecurity and lack of power.
Genuine assertiveness and confidence look nothing like the stereotypes. The
truly strong, confident, and self-assured person doesn’t have to be a loud
bully. You can be perfectly polite, relaxed, humorous, accommodating, and
kind. All that’s required is for you to know your needs and quietly yet firmly
assert them. And it’s “assert”—not shout, not demand, and certainly not beg
or convince or manipulate. Simply assert with the same easy certainty as
you would assert, “The sky is blue.”

Let me take you on your journey to discover your gentle power of becoming
more assertive.