Self Love

Learn to Love yourself again

Self-love and appreciation is the only foundation on which you can successfully build your dreams, feel true happiness, have healthy relationships with others, and much more!

Outside turmoil, your own traumas and insecurities, and daily stress can make it hard to acknowledge and treat yourself with the love you deserve. I designed this downloadable workbook to help you remind yourself how great of a person you are and that happiness and satisfaction starts and ends with only you!

Image by Nick Fewings

Learn about what true Self-love is and what its not;

Why we struggle to love ourselves;

Where does the lack of self-love show up for you;

The benefits of loving yourself;

and how self-love can change your life.

In addition to the above, you will receive a 15 page workbook which includes:

♦️ I Am... Worksheet- A personal mission statement to remind you of who you are

♦️ The Best.. Worksheet- The best qualities you love about yourself and your life

♦️ Mental Assessment- Identify your strong and weak points of your mental wellness so you can adjust accordingly

♦️ Wellness Assessment- Identify your strong and weak points of your physical health so you can adjust accordingly

♦️ Love Letter- Write yourself a letter of admiration

♦️ My Perfect.. Worksheet- Craft a list of all your favorites to use as a pick-me-up guide

♦️ New Things... Worksheet- Craft a list of things you'd like to try when you need a spark in your normal routine

♦️ Monthly Self Care Calendar- 30 days of self-care practices to treat and pamper yourself

♦️ Weekly Log- Prioritize your main goal for each day to get things easily accomplished

♦️ My Goals Worksheet- Write down all of the goals you want to achieve

♦️ Successes and Wins Worksheet- Acknowledge your wins to use as constant motivation

♦️ I've Overcome... Worksheet- Write all of the obstacles you've beat to show yourself how far you've come and can still go

♦️ Beautiful People Worksheet- Learn self-improving qualities from inspirational people in your life

♦️ Self Love Quotes- Quotes to uplift and inspire you

♦️ Affirmation Cards- Uplifting cards you can place anywhere for all day motivation