Wellness Coaching is a powerful tool to get your life back on track

You deserve a thriving life, one that is full of happiness, energetic and with abundant health.


Your transformation starts here

I offer a free 30 minute Choosing Wellness call via Zoom

During the Choosing Wellness call I will help you:​

  • Create a crystal-clear vision of how to get your wellness journey started

  • Uncover the hidden challenges/ obstacles that are preventing you from becoming healthier and more energetic

  • Leave the session energized to take action and achieve your wellness goals


I work best with people who are

  • serious, ready, and committed to taking their life and power back

  • ready to gain clarity

  • ready to step into their inner confidence

  • ready to empower themselves

  • ready to let go of their unhealthy life patterns

  • ready to go after their goals

  • ready to accept that they are enough 

  • no longer want to be afraid to be themselves

  • tired of feeling insecure

Studio Fitness

Choose from one of my packages

  1. Path to Wellness 

  2. Nourish Me

  3. Fit and Fresh