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  • Jump Start Package

    The Gentle Power of becoming Assertive
    • A workbook designed to help you become more assertive
    • to help you stand up for yourself
    • when your boundaries are being violated
    • Bonus 1: 30 minute online coaching session
  • Action Taker Package

    Design your Ultimate Lifestyle mini-course
    • 4 weeks pre-recorded videos
    • Design your Ultimate Lifestyle Workbook
    • Bonus 1: 30 minute online coaching call
    • Bonus 2:The gentle power of becoming more assertive workbook
  • Dream Chaser Package

    Rapid Results Life Coach Program
    Valid for 3 months
    • 10 week one-to-one coaching
    • Ultimate Lifestyle workbook
    • Week 1: Accepting Responsibility
    • Week 2-3 : Design your Ultimate Lifestyle
    • Week 4: Designing your success routine
    • week 5- 6 : The mind and your values
    • week 7: Unblocking your limiting beliefs
    • week 8: Dissolving your negative emotions
    • week 9: EFT
    • week 10: Reflection
    • Bonus 1:The gentle power of becoming more assertive workbook
    • Bonus 2: Design your Ultimate Lifestyle workbook
    • Bonus 3: Silence your inner critic workbook
    • Bonus 4: Self - love workbook
  • Silence Inner Critic

    Learn to change the narrative of the voice inside your head
    • A Toolkit to Silence your Inner Critic
    • Techniques and Exercises to build confidence
  • Self Love Workbook

    Learn to Love yourself again
    • I Am... Worksheet- Your personal mission statement
    • The Best.. Worksheet- The best qualities you love about you
    • Mental Assessment- Identify your strong and weak points
    • Wellness Assessment- Identify your strong and weak points
    • Love Letter- Write yourself a letter of admiration
    • My Perfect.. Worksheet
    • New Things... Worksheet
    • Monthly Self Care Calendar- 30 days of self-care
    • Weekly Log- Prioritize your main goal for each day
    • and more....
  • Crush Self-Doubt

    Crush Self-Doubt and Build Confidence
    Valid for 3 months
    • 43 pages information, reflection and worksheets
    • Chapter 1: What is Self-Doubt
    • Chapter 2: Major reasons for self-doubt
    • Chapter 3: How to stop holding yourself back
    • Chapter 4: Ways to overcome self-doubt
    • Chapter 5: Pillars of Self-confidence

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