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Rediscover your childlike belief

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

When we were children, we believed that we can do anything. I look at my youngest son, and I think of all the times he was so daring, no fear. He would climb anything, jumping from dizzy heights. And what was my reaction? Don't do that you will get hurt!. Was it not me as his parent that instilled a fear within him? By telling him that over and over, he started to doubt himself as he grew older. Now off course I did it because I cared and I didn't want him to get hurt. But think of what this did to his belief about being fearless. I'm sure that when he thinks of jumping from a dizzy height now, he drums up the fear, but what if I fall.

The problem is when we keep telling a child over and over that that hey can't do something, they retain that as facts. Soon they start to develop their own limiting beliefs. This is how self-doubt is formed and limiting beliefs develop.

In much the same way along our own journey from childhood to adulthood, ,self doubt and fear crept in and we began questioning our own abilities. But, we can get back to rediscovering our childlike beliefs.

Hanging onto self-doubt affects our life and happiness. Here are a few ways in which self-doubt impacts our lives:

We lack MOTIVATION - Fear stands in the way of your dreams when you don't believe in yourself. And when you allow fear to perpetuate and keep feeding it, you start to develop a lack of motivation. And when you lack motivation, it keeps in you in that abusive relationship, or in the job you hate, or the life you want to escape from.

PROCRASTINATING - Self-doubt tells you its never good enough. So you keep doing it over and over and delay submitting that assignment or task because you don't feel it is quite ready. Usually because you fear the judgement of the other person. This is where our perfectionist tendencies develop. But this sort of mindset and thinking pattern just sets you up for failure. Nothing is ever perfect.

REGRETS - following on from the cycle of procrastination and perfectionism, self-doubt also holds us back from opportunities. Because you don't believe in yourself, you hold off on starting that new business, or you don't apply for that promotion at work. And then a year down the line, you wonder why you are stuck in the same position, same life, nothing has changed. Contempt breeds regret.

LIMITS YOUR SELF-IMPROVEMENT - The old friend FEAR holds you back from improving yourself. Remember FEAR is just an emotion. It is not real. It is not rooted in fact. FEAR itself stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Learn how to work past your fears and embrace becoming a better version of yourself.

Think about How many times you told yourself you can't do something? How many times have you believed that you weren't good enough? How many times have you passed up opportunities because you believed you weren't qualified enough or didn't have enough experience, or the right education?

This is the self-doubt that is holding you back from achieving your dreams. I remember a time when I allowed my own self-doubt to sabotage me. I had a great job offer practically land in my lap. I went for an interview and the job was basically mine. All I needed to do was to call the interviewer back and accept the job. But I spent the entire weekend thinking about all the reasons why I wasn't ready. Why I wasn't good enough. Why I still needed to get one more qualification and then Ill be ready. So what did I do? I called back and declined the opportunity. Looking back today, I regret ever making that decision.

Once you learn how to overcome your self-doubt, you will be able to achieve anything you ever wanted to achieve.

You can get the job you always wanted.

You can find the partner of your dreams.

You can live a life without FEAR or worry.

Don't allow your self-doubt to take control of your life any longer and keep you from reaching your full potential.

Here are a few tips on how to overcome self-doubt and begin living a more fulfilling life:

Challenge your inner critic. You know, that little voice inside your head that keeps telling you, you can't do it. We operate from our subconscious. This is where we hold recurring thoughts, behaviour patterns, habits and feelings. So when your mind tells you that you cannot do something, your behaviour will follow suit.

Being able to recognise your thoughts will help you identify those limiting beliefs and self-doubt. A good way to learn how to do this is to start journaling to keep track of all your doubts and fears you encountered in a day.

Challenge your limiting beliefs. With the help of your journaling, take a moment to pause and reflect on your limiting beliefs. Ask yourself where do they come from? What is this belief about? And has it ever been proven to be true? Look for evidence on why it is true and look for evidence on why it is False. When you start to challenge your beliefs, you start to see that you can let go of the self-doubt and step into a greater level of confidence.

Stop fearing failure. Failure simply means you tried. Treat is as a lesson on how not to do things. Build on from that. Use your failures as stepping stones to your dream. Push yourself to have the ability to rise up and do it again. Every time fear rises, challenge your fears by remembering all the times you succeeded. The path to your dream is through your fears.

Stop comparing yourself to others. This is most probably the most difficult to do. If you keep doing this you make yourself feel inadequate. Each of us are on our own journey. We bring with us a unique set of skills and circumstances. No one's journey is the same. Instead of comparing your success to another's, use it as motivation to continue giving your best. Use them as role models, not competition.

Practice Daily Affirmations. When you operate from self-doubt you see everything through a negative lens. Shift your mindset to one of positivity. Changing your mindset is not easy. It is rewiring years of negative thoughts. A great place to start is by daily affirmations. I use this simple YouTube guided affirmation video https://youtu.be/lNS70QJh4Go

I know that you are destined for great things and i can help you get there. So if you are ready to ditch your self-doubt and embrace a more confident you, then take advantage of my free 45 minute discovery call here https://www.thechoicebecomesyou.com/book-online