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Welcome to The choice becomes you, a unique blog here for you to explore. The choice becomes you has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Read on, and enjoy.

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Take a chance on You

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”


Have you ever thought about what matters most in your life? The life-giving things that will add value and impact to your life and the lives of those around you?

We all have dreams and ambitions, aspirations to be something. We all have a need to feel important. But instead, we stay stuck in a life we know we don’t want to be in. Why not take a chance on you!

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It’s easy to forget the things that matter and to succumb to idle living at times. You wake up, go to work, feeling like another cog in the wheel, deeply wishing you could contribute to a larger purpose only to come home to a lengthy to-do list and stifled passions that serve as reminders that you’re nowhere near where you know you could be. In disappointment, you may even find yourself conceding to the day and putting off your to-dos in hopes for a better tomorrow.

Living Life in a circle. But there comes a point in your life where you feel like something needs to change. You start to feel that there must be more to this life than your daily routine. More than just aimlessly floating though life. You told yourself, I want to start a business, or I want to complete my studies, I want to learn to play an instrument. But at the end of the year, you are no closer to where you told yourself you want to go.

Why is this. Why do we live the same routine over and over. But yet, we expect things to change. We expect things to be different. Like we waiting for some saviour or knight in shining armour to come rescue us. The hard truth is that for most people the one thing that holds them back from achieving their dreams, is FEAR. Fear of what lies on the other side of your comfort zone. I was stuck in a comfort zone for a long time. I went about my daily routine, circling from one day to the next. Wanting things to be different and Expecting things to change. Human beings are creatures of habit and we generally don’t like things to change. We prefer to stay in familiar territory. Why, because its what we know, its comfortable. We sort of know what to expect when we go to work. We know the people, we know the business and we don’t want to deal with anything different. And if it brings you joy, then good for you. But here’s the thing, If you want your life to be different, somewhere you have to make a break in the circle. You have to change something to achieve a different outcome.

You don’t have to accept the hand you’ve been dealt. In moments like these, you can choose to fall asleep to the purpose and passions place inside of you, or you can choose to prioritize the purposeful and the meaningful.

We’re not called to a lackadaisical living. We’re called to live in the power of the Divine, making the most of every opportunity that has been given us.

Although you may not have all the answers or the clarity you’ve been seeking, you don’t have to idly accept the hand you’ve been given. You can choose to prioritize what is calling you to do in this season by making the most of every moment.

But HOW, is the question I get most

Here are three ways how you can do that.


Before you can prioritize anything, you must have an understanding of your purpose. So go back and review your life's mission. What is your purpose in life? And I’m not just talking about your job, passion, or role. And don’t just give me that your purpose is to “help others.” Your job, passion, and roles are only vehicles or containers for your purpose. And yes, your overall mission is to serve, but what is the unique way that you to do that? Understanding your purpose will give you foundation. From there you can cast the vision for your life to give you direction in your choices and decisions, and have clarity on how you are called to carry out that purpose and manifest that vision. 2. DETERMINE WHAT MATTERS

Once you’ve reviewed your life’s mission, it’s important to determine what matters. Fast forward to where you’re nearing the end of your life. What will have mattered most? What will you want to be known for? What impact or legacy do you want to leave? How will you have wished you spent your time? What matters is often reflected in our purpose, passions, our values, and what we feel called to do. Make a list of what matters and likewise a list of the things that don’t. The outcomes of this list will help you determine what your priorities and actions should be based on moving forward, highlighting what will add the most value and long-term impact.


Now that you have casted the vision for your life, it’s important to audit the various areas of your life and assess where there might be opportunities to align them to your purpose and vision. Examine every area including your calendar, to-do lists as well as finances. We prioritize what we give our time, energy, and finances to. Auditing these areas will show you the worthy matters to which you should direct your focus, effort, time, energy, and attention.


The things that matter least should never come before the things that matter most. Prioritize them by putting them first and at the forefront of your mind. Do you find yourself battling internal conflict regarding making the right decision? Create a decision-making criteria that honours your purpose, values, and goals, and consult the criteria before making major decisions. Do you want to prioritize your mental and spiritual well-being? Instead of rushing to fill up the white space in your calendar, leave room for rest, creativity, and spontaneity. Do you want to be more mindful and grounded, and ready to tackle your day? Rather than scrolling through your social media first thing in the morning, set aside those first few moments of the day to pour into your spirit, mind, and soul. Do you want to work in a role that align with your passion, purpose, and strengths? Prioritize what’s important to you in your role by designing it to include your strengths and purpose. Do you want to make purposeful progress on your goals? Prioritize them by devoting one day a week to executing your action steps. Placing your priorities at the forefront allows you to intentionally spend your time on the things that are most purposeful and impactful.

We can’t live thoughtlessly, idly drifting through our lives and passively accepting the hand life has dealt us. To make the most of our time and God-given opportunities, we have to be proactive and prioritizing the things that we are being called to do.

So whatever it is that you want out of life, that difference you yearning for, its not going to come to you, you have to go after it. Because on the other side of fear, lies success, lies fulfilment, lies achievements, lies your dreams, lies your goals accomplished.

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