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The Empath Introvert

I always knew I was introverted but even though I did all the things to recharge my energy, I was still left feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and drained. I thought it could be adrenal fatigue. Whilst researching adrenal fatigue I came across what being an empath is. Doing more research and taking a quick survey, being an empath resonated so much with me and what I was experiencing.

Being an empath means that you are someone who is extremely aware of the emotions of those around them. So much so that you can experience the emotions that the other person is feeling. If someone is sad, you may feel sad. You can feel their anxiety and overwhelm. Most Introverts are Empaths and most Empaths are Introverted. But Extroverts could be Empaths as well.

So knowing this, I had to learn how to decipher what are my emotions and what are the emotions of others. I learnt how to acknowledge these feeling and emotions, but not to absorb them and how to setup a barrier. Here are some tips on how you can protect your energy as an Empath.

for Empaths the ability to feel other peoples emotions can be both a strength and a curse. It can be extremely hard because you cannot just turn it off. It takes years of practice to learn how to do it. As a result you can go from feeling perfectly happy to feeling drained, emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious and stressed all because someone walked into a room.

At the same time, being an Empath is a strength. It allows us to understand others and connect deeply. And if you are an Introvert, you know how we love making deep meaningful connections. It allows us to b exceptional and extraordinary listeners, caretakes, partners, confidants and friends.

If you think you might be an Empath, here are 15 signs to help you determine if you are an Empath:

  1. You love to help others

  2. You listen to others because you want to help

  3. The small stuff make you tear up

  4. You feel other peoples pain

  5. You are highly creative

  6. Time alone is essential

  7. Nature comforts you

  8. You are passionate about what you love

  9. Friendships are important to you

  10. You feel misunderstood

  11. You often feel taken advantage of and you tend to be a people pleaser

  12. You like to solve problems

  13. You are a free spirit

  14. People are drawn to you

  15. You can read other people's emotions and energy in a room

Being an Empath can be difficult if you don't know how to protect your own energy and shield yourself from the energy around you that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. Below are a few tips on how to protect your Empath energy:

  1. Learn to say no to things that doesn't align with your energy, values and purpose.

  2. Ask yourself if what you are experiencing is your own or that of energy you feel around you

  3. Make time to recharge and be alone

  4. Step away from negative energy/ what disturbs you

  5. Limit physical touch, sometimes hugs are not ok

  6. Recharge in water

  7. Spend time nature

  8. Set limits and boundaries.

Balancing your health and the happiness of others won’t always come easy, but getting into the habit of self-care will reduce how much you sacrifice your energy and emotions. Your ability to care and understand other people should never be seen as a sign of weakness or over-sensitivity – you’re unique in being able to feel so deeply and thoughtfully.